Sewing for Elvis
DBA: Shirley's Creations

Belts / Scarves

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Acceptance Mark


Once I receive your measurements, I will construct a blank shell and send it to you for a fitting. Please make note of any alterations needed. Please use safety pins to take in the areas that need to be taken in for fitting and mark areas that are too tight. Please also mark the hem. Once I receive the final go there is not much alterations that can be done. When the suit is completed, the balance will be due before the suit is sent to you.

body-f   body-b
(Click on images for larger copies)

1. Measure Neck
2. Measure Chest
3. Measure Waist
4. Upper Arm
5. Sleeve length ( Hold arm out straight)
6. Fullest part of the Hips
7. From bottom of neck across shoulder to start of arm
8. Knee to end of pant leg
9. Upper leg
10. Under arm measurements to pant length
11. Inseam to length of pant legs
12. ( Girth) Start at top of shoulder, go down between legs, up your back and meet at the starting point on the shoulder (loosely)
13. Waist to length of pants
14. Back across
15. Sleeve
16. Back neck to waist
17. Back coat length from neck ( like suit coat length)
18. Measurements below waist for Elvis belt length
19. Underarm measurements to waist

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